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The SAC is the ultimate "girls talk" podcast. Hosts Laura Govan (Basketball Wives), Melissa Forde (Fashion Designer), and Veronika Obeng (Second Wives Club) are candid and raw in their hilarious convos about sex, love, relationships, drama, celebrities, family and their lives.

Three women, thirty minutes...what the hell could happen?

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Ep 1: The Break Up Guide

Released Nov 04, 2017

Break ups are so hard and there's nothing like a good girlfriend to help you know you are never alone. Laura Govan, Melissa Forde and Veronika Obeng discuss relationships and share how they moved on after a bad break up. Don't forget the hot topics and shade along the way. Climb into The SAC for the realest pillow talk ever. Three women, thirty minutes...what the hell could happen?

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Ep 2: Dating Ballers

Released Nov 06, 2017

Don't miss this hilarious episode of The SAC. Yea, Halloween happened and we are going over who wore what best, talking about the NFL and getting straight to the point when it comes to dating professional athletes. What comes with the glitz, glam, and potential fame when in a high profile relationship? Tune in for all the shade and truth telling.

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Ep 3: Fall Fashion with a Side of Under Boob

Released Nov 9, 2017

The weather is finally changing and that means fall fashion is finally here. Get a glimpse into Melissa, Veronika and Laura's favorite trends.  Mariah Carey vs JLO? Somehow the conversation twists and the women have a heated discussion about age appropriate fashion and the body.  From slut walks to turtle necks, it seems the only thing you need to pull off any look is confidence. Tune in to sip the tea. 

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Ep 4: Strippers, Little People and Why we Probably Shouldn't be Friends with Laura

Released Nov 10, 2017

Join us for all the fun as our friend Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked joins the conversation. Apparently, strippers are on strike in New York. We wind through other hot topics until Laura ends back up at her favorite destination- the bedroom. Don't miss a moment of our messy convo.

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Ep 5: Hot Mess Holidays

Released Nov 22, 2017

There's no place like home for the holidays. Laura, Veronika and Melissa talk about their favorite traditions, family, and their homes during the most magical time of the year. Happy Holidays from all the girls at The SAC. 

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Ep 6: Build A Bear Relationships

Released Dec 1, 2017

Ms. Meghan Markle is becoming a princess! Most of us haven't run in to a prince lately, but finding "Mr. Right" seems to get harder and harder. Does size really matter? Size of the ring that is. When it comes to relationships do you see potential and build your man up, or do you need the "total package" from the beginning? Melissa, Laura and Veronika explore this topic in a brand new episode of The Sac.

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Ep 7: Side Chics and Baby Mommas

Released Dec 08, 2017

Wherever a happy relationship ever existed, a side chic was somewhere in the shadows looking for her chance to hate and F it all up.   As always, there's two sides to every coin.  Ever been an "accidental side chic"?  Yea, we are going there in this episode of The SAC. Veronika, Melissa and Laura roll up their sleeves and get real about weak ass side chics and the drama of dealing with baby mamas. This is the realist pillow talk ever.  Grab a drink and tune in.

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Ep 8: If You Lay, You Pay

Released Dec 15, 2017

No one's life is perfect.  Laura uses real life issues in this episode to make a real breakthrough.  Co-parenting can be difficult no matter the situation. Co-parenting when the other side is adversarial is enough to push even a good woman on to a new episode of Snapped.  This candid and vulnerable episode digs into trying to push through when you aren't getting help with dem' babies.  Three woman...thirty minutes.

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Ep 9: GOOD Music Vibes

Released Dec 21, 2017

There is nothing like good music to put you in the right mood. Allow The Sac to downshift for an episode to something lighter. This walk down memory lane of music is funny AF. Veronika, Laura, and Melissa invite you to pull out that mix tape from summer '01 and jam to the hits that you forgot you love. 

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Ep 10: Dear 20 Somethin'

Released Dec 28, 2017

We are in that weird time warp that falls after Christmas and before New Year's Day.  No one really knows what day it is or what's going on for about a week. Nothing to do but think and reflect as we wait on 2018. In the spirit of gift giving and because we've probably had too much to drink, allow us to ponder our deepest thoughts of not simply just a new year's resolution, but what gift of advice we would give to our 20 year old self to help her live her best life. Happy New Year's, enjoy.

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Ep 11: Have a Cardi B 2018!

Released Dec 28, 2017

Happy New Year! With resolutions thick in the air, and a renewed spirit of hopefulness, Laura, Veronika and Melissa chat about glowing up in 2018. Setting and killing goals is a must, and leaving old baggage and drama in 2017, is the only thing on the ladies mind. May you all glow up as bright as 2017 Cardi B and have one of the best years of your life! Here's to the NEW YEAR! 

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Special Ep: Vision Boards: Just do It

Released Jan 09, 2018

Everyone has pretty much heard of a vision board.  This quick special episode is a guide on how and why to create YOUR vision board.   There is no better time than now to begin manifesting the light, love and life you want. The Laws of Attraction are as real as gravity and your vision board is the road map to manifesting your heart's desires and NEEDS. Happy Vision boarding! 

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Ep 12: The Truth, Laura’s Story

Released Jan 12, 2018

The headlines said it all, or did they? The Sac’s own Laura Govan is in the middle of one of Hollywood’s messiest divorces. Get the inside raw scoop on the truth and her side of the drama in the latest episode of The SAC. Don't miss this uncut, unfiltered convo about Vince and Tamar and Laura. Email The SAC with your thoughts, comments and questions:


Ep 13: Relationship Red Flags

Released Jan 19, 2018

Love is bling but red flags should be bright enough for Ray Charles to spot. The ladies chat about deal breakers, red flags and hints that he may not be ''The One.'' 

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