As a mother of five children, I’ve found being organized, energized, glamorous, healthy and happy is quite a juggling act.

Living in Los Angeles and  finding time to feel like I’m a great mom and still making time for myself, my outside relationships and projects seemed almost impossible.

Then my sister and best friend told me that not only was I doing all of the above, but that I inspired her.  I get frustrated, I curse, I cuddle, I do my best to raise kids that become good people.  Sometimes dinner comes out of a box and I dread soccer practice like a visit to the Ob’s office, but I’m still sane and so are you!

I’m a woman, a mother, a sister, a friend, but almost more importantly I am me.

Mom Lives Matter.

I just want women to be motivated and to feel empowered in their journey.  Motherhood and womanhood are the two most sacred of things in this world.  I embrace us and I celebrate us.  I love myself and I hope every woman finds something to love about herself.